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Place a Course Reserve

Instructors are welcome to place reserves on personal or library-owned materials. For information on formats, please see below prior to submitting the reserve form. For additional questions, please contact

Reserves from the Library Collection
All books from the Library collection can be placed on reserve. 

Reserves from your Personal Collection

Instructors are also permitted to place materials from their personal collection on reserve. Books that are the property of the instructor are requested to be in good condition in order to be placed on reserve.

DVDs on Reserve

DVDs from the Library's collection may be placed on Reserve. Instructors are responsible for verifying that the correct title and version of the video corresponds to the students' required viewing list. DVDs placed on reserve will be only available for viewing while in the Library and portable DVD players are available for borrowing from the Library's Information Desk if a computer with a DVD player is unavailable.

Photocopied Material on Reserve

It is the responsibility of the instructor to ensure all photocopied material placed on reserve complies with Canadian copyright law. For additional information on copyright, please contact the Library

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