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Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Statement

The personal information that you provide to Keyano College is collected under the authority of the Post-Secondary Learning Act and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act - section 33(c). The information will be used for the purpose of determining the suitability for admission to the LINC.  If accepted, the information will be used to complete the enrolment process, monitor academic progress, distribute College-related information, conduct College research, and determine eligibility for awards, graduation and fundraising activities.  Personal information may also be subsequently disclosed to third parties for other operational purposes that are consistent with the mission of the College or as required by the Statistics Act of Canada, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), or other government agencies.

Collected personal information is protected from unauthorized access, collection, use, and disclosure in accordance with the FOIP Act and can be reviewed upon request subject to the provisions under the Act. Individuals have the right to withdraw or change their consent at any time using the contact information below.

Questions regarding the collection of personal information can be directed to: Office of the Registrar – Keyano College- 8115 Franklin Ave. – Fort McMurray AB – T9H2H7 or email

Declaration of the Applicant

I hereby acknowledge the FOIP statement above, and confirm to the best of my knowledge, that all relevant information has been provided and is accurate.  I agree, if admitted to Keyano College, to comply with all applicable policies and procedures of the institution.